5 Effective Graphic Designer Tools to Save a Lot of Time

Many graphic designers have been troubled with editing on some editing tasks. To ease those hard tasks there are many tools available on the web. Here, listed out a few helpful graphic designer tools to ease all your task with them. All these tools are almost free to use, and if you want to get some additional features need to upgrade the premiums.

graphic designer tools

Your Graphic Designer

Your graphic designer is another effective tool that can save a lot of time for graphic designers. This simple extension gives you a variety of drawings, paintings, vectors, curves, shapes, etc. It means you need to drag and drop any graph, shape, or curve without the need to manually draw a shape which is laborious and time-consuming. There are thousands of shapes already drawn by graphic designers. In other words, this extension is made only for graphic designers.

All tools and features are tailored to help designers do fast and efficient work. Notably, if you do not find the graph or shape you are looking for, you can manually draw on it. It gives you a free-hand drawing canvas, which is very important for a graphic designer. Apart from that, you can export a design or shape in your required format such as Jpg, SVG, PNG, and other formats. Your graphic designer is a multilingual tool, which means there will be no language barrier and anyone can use it. So download this extension like any other pro graphic designer.


PhotoMania is an advanced extension that gives you over 400 photo effects for a graphic designer, small details, and small changes in image matter. One seemingly similar effect may make it look unfit, but a related effect can make it visually and aesthetically more appealing. This extension gives you over 400 effects such as pop art, sponge, dab, Byzantine pencil drawing, cartoon warm smearing, structuralism, superstring, rust, brick, Picasso, fauvism, abstractionism, pastel weaving, colour, life, cubism, metaphysics, etc. Therefore, you have all possible effects that make you more creative as a graphic designer. Importantly, it is easy to use, which makes it equally effective.

For newbies. You need to hover an image and click and the image will open. In Photo Mania with all the editing options, you also get thousands of cards and photo frames, which make it a multifunctional extension. Another notable aspect is that this extension is free despite offering premium effects and frames, which makes it one of the much-needed extensions for a graphic designer.

Sumo Paint

If you are a beginner and you cannot afford the premium tools that other graphic designers typically use, install Sumo Paint. This all-in-one image editing and painting extension is a great substitute for premium tools like Photoshop. Sumo Paint gives a host of features for free that are premium in Photoshop. Because of this competitive advantage, Sumopaint has already become a community of over 5700 members. It has more than 2 million images. With all the editing options that you might ever need, you can adjust the shadow, gradient, glow, overlay effects, and other options.

Moreover, you can adjust the curve, colour, balance, and levels. Having over 300 brushes makes it a great professional tool for graphic designers. Rest assured, this is not a typical productivity extension, but a full-fledged tool with all the image editing, optimization, and customization features. In other words, it’s a tool like Photoshop or canva pro, but most of its features are completely free, which makes it a good choice for beginners.

Muzli 2

A successful graphic designer always comes up with novel designs and fresh ideas. If you can make some exceptional logo designs, you are already a millionaire. Therefore, you need a tool that gives you the freshest of all design, UI, UX, and other design ideas. Muzli Two is one such extension that shows you novel and fresh as well as beautiful designs. You will see the latest templates related to different fields. For instance, if you want to draw a logo for a coffee house, you can simply go to Mosley Two and choose fresh templates. You may not copy a Mosley design but you will get an idea of what your logo must look like. It explains why over 3000 graphic designers have been using Mosley Two to see new designs and templates.

Window Resizer

Last, but not the least, you need Window Resizer, an important extension that helps you resize your window to emulate different screen resolutions. It also helps you test your layouts and set windows width, height, and position, and even apply new dimensions. As a graphic designer, you can also see your visuals, such as your flyers and logos in different resolutions. Sometimes a colour or design may look appealing at 1680 to 1050 desktop resolution or 1440 to 900 desktop resolution but may seem unattractive or fuzzy at 375 667 iPhone Six. Therefore, you can resize your window and see how your design looks on different resolutions.

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