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Hello pocket FM users this is the easiest way to find the pocket FM promo code 2024 for you. We provide an active promo code for pocket FM and explain the process of how to redeem the pocket FM coupon code and where to find it in detail. Before using the Pocket FM code you know about the Pocket FM app.

pocket fm promo code
Pocket FM Promo Code

#What is pocket FM ? and how does pocket FM work?

Pocket FM is one of the audio-based entertainment platforms and it gets more popular in recent days. It provides audio-based content like stories, podcasts, and audiobooks in various categories like thriller, action, romance, comedy, etc.

Audiobooks and Stories: Broad library of audiobooks and audio stories or available in pocket FM app. It covers all age groups people and interests.

Podcasts: Various categories of podcasts are available in the Pocket FM app like education, entertainment, personal development, and news.

Languages: Pocket FM supports multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu English, Hindi, Bengali, etc. So it can access a wide range of people in the world. 

User Experience: It is designed for a user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, and provides a smooth experience to use. Offline listening is also available in the app it adds more value to the app.

Subscription Model: Pocket FM works on a subscription-based method. Limited contents are only available for free access. If you want premium audio content, you need to subscribe to any one of the packs available in the app.

Content Creation: If you are a content creator, you can post your audio content in the pocket FM app. It creates a chance to reach a wide range of people.

#What is the Pocket FM Promo Code?

The promo code of pocket FM is a special code for accessing premium audio content and various rewards such as subscription trials, discounts on premium subscriptions, and access to exclusive content. It is a combination of the alphabet and numbers. It is also known as a pocket FM coupon code or pocket FM discount code.

Free Subscription Trials: Some promo codes offer free subscription trials for new users to enjoy pocket FM premium subscription features at no cost. This free subscription trial is available for limited days only.

Discounts on Premium Subscriptions: Pocket FM coupon code provides discounts on premium subscription plans. It reduces the cost of a monthly subscription or annual subscription cost in some percentage.

Access to Exclusive Content: This offer is only for new users to access exclusive content like early released popular podcasts or audiobooks in the pocket FM app.

Overall, it enhances the user experience and provides additional rewards to the users.

#How to use the Pocket FM Promo code?

The process of redeeming the pocket FM promo code is very simple just follow the steps and redeem the pocket FM code.

1. Download and Install the Pocket FM App:

  • If you already have the Pocket FM app, skip this step otherwise, download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Sign Up or Log In:

  • After installation, open the Pocket FM app and log in.
  • If you have no account, create a new account using your mobile number.
  • During the login process, they required name, gender, age, and language for the login process.

3. Navigate to the Promo Code Section:

  • After completing the login process go to the My Store option.
  • You see the “have a referral promo code” section on top of the screen.

4 . Enter the Promo Code:

  • Paste the valid promo code you have on the promo core section.
  • Now, enter the claim button.

5. Enjoy the Benefits:

  • After completing the redemption process, the rewards are credited to your wallet.
  • Use those free coins to access the premium audio story and enjoy listening.

Tips for Using Pocket Promo Codes

  • Check Validity: Check the validity before using the pocket FM coupon code.
  • Single Use: Some promo codes or single use only per account.
  • Correct Entry: Enter the promo code exactly as you copy including any special characters.
  • Terms and Conditions: Pocket FM Code has some terms and conditions applied. So read carefully before redeeming it.

#Where to find the pocket FM promo code?

To follow the multiple ways to find the pocket FM discount code here,

Deal Websites: Multiple deal websites are available on Google like Tervacy etc. These websites provide pocket FM codes to the pocket FM user. So follow these websites to get valid promo codes.

Social Media: Follow the official Pocket FM social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and x. They share the promo codes for the followers to redeem the rewards and enjoy the benefits.

Bank Offers: Banks such as HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, and IndusInd banks offer a promo code for their customers. And they used to access audiobooks freely.

Reddit: You can use the Reddit website to search the keyword “pocket FM promo code Reddit” and you get the latest promo codes. 

#How to get Free Pocket FM Promo Code From Flipkart?

To get a pocket FM coupon code through Flipkart use Flipkart super coins. Follow the simple steps to get it.

1.Log Into Flipkart:

  • Log in to your Flipkart account on the Flipkart app or website. 

2. Access the SuperCoins Section:

  • Go to the account menu at the bottom of the right corner.
  • Then click the super coin menu at the top right corner.

3. Browse for Pocket FM Offers:

  • Now go to the reward Store. Flipkart lists so many vouchers on screen.
  • Go to search for type pocket FM and search, now you can see the pocket FM voucher.

4. Redeem SuperCoins:

  • Once you find the pocket FM voucher, click on it.
  • You need 25 super coins to redeem the voucher.
  • Finally, click the Claim Now button.

5. Receive Promo Code:

  • After clicking the Clima Now button promo code will display on your screen and copy it.

6. Apply Promo Code on Pocket FM:

  • Now click the pocket FM redemption page to redeem that promo code.
  • Enter your mobile number and paste the promo code into the enter coupon code section.
  • Finally, hit the Claim Now button.
  • After completing the redemption process, rewards are sent to your pocket FM wallet.

By following these steps you can easily get a free promo code for pocket FM through Flipkart super coins.

#How to Earn Pocket FM Free Coins?

Free coins of pocket FM are used to unlock the premium audio content and it enhances your experience without spending money. Here are some methods to earn free coins on Pocket FM.

1. Pocket FM Referral Program

  • Invite Friends: Earn pocket FM free coins using the pocket FM referral program. When your friends sign up using your Pocket FM referral code you can earn 200 free coins on Pocket FM.
  • Steps:
    • Open the Pocket FM app.
    • Open the “Profile” in the top right corner.
    • Share your pocket FM referral link with your friends.
    • Once they sign up and start using the app, free coins are credited to your wallets.

2. Daily Check-ins

  • Daily Rewards: Open the pocket FM app daily to receive free coins as a reward.
  • Steps:
    • Open the pocket FM app daily.
    • Check the daily reward pop-up or go to the rewards section.
    • Collect your pocket FM coins.

3. Watching Ads

  • Ad Rewards: Pocket FM allows users to earn free coins for watching videos. For each video, you get one free coin.
  • Steps:
    • Click the “Watch Ads” option in the Pocket FM app.
    • Watch the full ad video.
    • Receive the free coins after watching the full video.

4. Completing Tasks

  • In-App Tasks: Complete the daily task in the pocket FM app you get free coins as a reward.
  • Steps:
    • Check the “Tasks” or “Missions” section in the app.
    • Complete the listed tasks.
    • Collect coins as rewards.

#Pocket FM Promo Code Today July 12, 2024

  • FKSC432US8S3N – Get 300 free coins
  • PFMAYWXP8YIZFUFA-Get 200 free coins
  • PFMGIFT – Redeem for a free audiobook or podcast download.
  • FKSC4X9JULIJ3– Get 300 free coins
  • 30FLKR– Get 300 free coins
  • PFMCREDITS – Redeem for free Pocket FM credits to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  • FFGF7NTFYVJUNAFF-Get 200 free coins
  • 2023NEWUSER– Get 200 free coins
  • FKSC4Q8U817BW– Get free access to premium audio series worth Rs. 250/-
  • FKSC4ABAD9V3I– Get 300 free coins
  • FLIPKART100– Get 100 free coins
  • PFMPREMIUM – Redeem a free Pocket FM premium subscription for one month.

These pocket FM coupon codes are working for a limited period only so if you want a free reward just claim it quickly. We update the promo code regularly, So don’t worry if promo codes are not working. Just come and visit and redeem the code.

#Pocket FM Promo Code For Instant Millionaire

Pocket FM Instant Millionaire is an interesting and premium audio story in the Pocket FM app. It’s one of the most listened-to audio stories in the pocket FM. If you want free access to this story you need a promo code for pocket FM Insta millionaire.

Active Instant Millionaire Pocket FM Promo Codes

  • FKSC454SMPL49

#FAQs About Pocket FM

What is Pocket FM Premium?

Pocket FM Premium is a gateway to access the premium audio content in the app.

Is Pocket FM Insta millionaire free?

No, Instant Millionaire is a premium audio story.

How do I get a promo code for pocket FM coins?

Several ways are available to get pocket FM free coins

  • Pocket FM Referral Program
  • Daily Check-ins
  • Watching Ads
  • Completing Tasks

Is The Pocket FM App Free?

Pocket FM is a premium app, but limited audio is available for free. Unlock the premium audio you need to purchase any premium plan in the pocket FM app.

Is Pocket FM an offline app?

Pocket FM is an online streaming audio app, but it supports offline listening also. You need to download it before listening in offline.

Is Pocket FM available in the USA?

Yes, Pocket FM is available in the USA.

Is Pocket FM good for writers?

Yes, it’s good for a writer. If you are a writer, post your content on Pocket FM, and it will reach various audiences.

Social Media Handles Of the Pocket FM App

If you have any queries about the Pocket FM app or you need technical support from Pocket FM contact the official social media accounts.

Linkedin: @Pocket FM

Instagram: @pocketfm_india

X: @PocketFM_App


Pocket FM is a good platform for listening to audio content, and using the pocket FM coupon code is a fantastic way to enhance your listening experience without using your real money. It’s helpful to reduce the cost of a premium subscription, so use these coupon codes and save your money.

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