6+ Amazing Android Apps to Install on Your Andriod Device

Additional Android apps are essential for various purposes to make our phone experience easier than before. So, installing the new apps on your phone can get extra benefits that other apps don’t have.

android apps
Android Apps

Lively Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers allows you to set any website as live wallpaper. It is even fully interactable and works like a charm. It is called Lively wallpapers. Use it to have your favorite website. Zoom quilt is a page that constantly zooms into eternity online games for your children or just one of the recommendations. The app includes a lot of them that are pretty cool.

That’s how we’re starting it off for the best Android apps.

Dynamic Bird

You all heard about Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pros that came with a fancy new pill that is called Dynamic Island. If you haven’t, Apple relinquishes the giant Notch and brings it down to a pill-shaped cutout. They took it a step further by having the pixels around it morph into several shapes and sizes to display things like music controls. timer, duration, directions Etc. Well, you can bring that same feature to your Android with Dynamic bird.

You need to make sure you have a front camera cutout, give it a few permissions, and then within the app, you can reposition the dot based on where the cutout is from there. It’ll provide you with charging notifications, music controls for connected devices, and more basic notifications like incoming texts. Even though the native headset notifications do get in the way which is kind of annoying. It even expands upon long pressing the pill the animations are buttery smooth. It works like a charm plus it is completely free to use.

The only downside is that it’s not on the Play Store. So a great alternative is a dynamic spot that does pretty much the same thing. But it’s not quite as robust still it’s best suited for basic app notifications and music controls. You can still expand the notifications. But even if you don’t like that one, there is a whole telegram channel with several Dynamic Island replica apps that aren’t even on the Play store yet.


It lets you place a widget that carries all of your most frequently used apps. It collects app usage data and a few other analytics to be able to update the widget accordingly. And you can even choose your preferred way of how frequently sorts your apps. So rather than trying to think of all your favorite apps, you can let frequent do all the work. The app is super customizable to you can hide apps, and pin them. So that they always stay on the web and change the size and color of the widget. Choose an icon pack and a lot more pretty simple ideas. But too many widgets do this, so definitely an app worth checking out especially since it’s completely free to use.

Flashlight Tiramisu

It is safe to say that the flashlight feature on phones is a universal Lifesaver when it’s dark. But a problem we all run into is that sometimes the LED flash that’s cranked up to the max brightness can’t be too bright for certain scenarios. Most Androids don’t let you do the flashlight, unlike an iPhone or Galaxy Device that’s until now with the flashlight.

Tiramisu lets you can finally take control of the brightness and dim it down to a more reasonable amount. But the only string attached is that it only works on phones running Android 13 that supports the new version of the camera haul like the pixel 6 6 Pro or 6A. But still, it would not hurt to give it a shot since it’s free and open source. Even if you don’t have a pixel plus it did work on the Samsung s22 ultra.

MJ PDF Reader

If you are paying for a PDF viewer, it’s time to stop. Instead, use mjpdf reader, its competitors let you open and read any PDF file. But what makes this stand out is that it’s minimal free open source and doesn’t require you to create an account. That’s it, sometimes we need that Simplicity.

TXTNet Browser

Textnet browser is not any ordinary Android browser. It’s a browser that doesn’t require any internet connection to run. How is that possible, well it transmits all of its data over SMS messaging that’s right even though it’s not going to load pages as quickly as a regular internet connection. It won’t load any pictures, rendering only text. It can still come in the clutch. If you burn through your carrier’s data or you are in a remote area that doesn’t have great data connectivity. It’s also perfect for those who live in parts of the world where internet access is prohibitively expensive or Internet censorship is strictly enforced a very genius idea.

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